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Tankless for Commercial Fast Food Applications

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  • Tankless for Commercial Fast Food Applications

    Looking for input as to likes, dislikes of the major players in Tankless Water Heaters that have been installed in national fast food restaurant chains; ie., Panda, Chik-fil-a, BK, KFC, etc.

    Are they meeting your and your customers expectations? Passing health dept. inspections? Call backs?


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    Re: Tankless for Commercial Fast Food Applications

    All my commercial customers are very happy with the tankless installs. Only had a few issues in a couple places. One place was getting clogged filters at the unit due to the water softener loosing its media beads, easy fix. The other place has 5 units and two of them went down at the same time, one was a leaking internal pipe, that shorted out the power supply and the other unit was taken out by a massive power surge and was the only unit not plugged into a surge protection circuit. Noritz got me the new circuit boards and replacement pipe in 48 hours. The other 3 working units kept up with the demand of the restaurant.

    So the key to me is to install enough units to handle the peak demand, and one extra in case there is mutiple outages.
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      Re: Tankless for Commercial Fast Food Applications

      In Tulsa,OK I went to a service call one cold winter day. The mechanical room, with 2 tankless Naviens and the main body for the sprinkler system.

      When I got there you couldn't open the door due to the way the sprinkler pipes ran. there was a 10 inch split in the pipe that went outside for the fire department hooked up to. Which was on the backside of the door. When you opened the door it swung to that pipe. And to your right was the control valve.

      Water splashing everywhere. Took 2 people to open the door, which then deflected the water over towards the tankless units. I am not real sure how wet they got, but they did see some external moisture.

      They are still working fine to this day as far as I know.

      Every business I have seen with tankless have ran 2 units, so if one failed the other kicked in, and I am pretty sure they were set up in such a way they would alternate which one fired each time you turned a faucet on
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