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Free sample of silicone grease

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  • Free sample of silicone grease

    Does anybody know where I can obtain a small free sample of silicone grease for the washers in my kitchen faucet? I had used Harvey's Faucet grease but was told that it is a petroleum based and can't be used on kitchen faucets for drinking water. I want to try the silicone before I commit to buying it. Thanks, Ron

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    Re: Free sample of silicone grease

    I buy the gunk branded little containers at lowes.they're about as big around as a quarter and maybe 1/2 an inch high. thats about as close toa free sample as you're likely to get
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      Re: Free sample of silicone grease

      Ace Hardware also carries silicon grease it's a few bucks and a little goes a very long way!

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        Re: Free sample of silicone grease

        i find that the silicon grease is always popping the top off the container.

        maybe why 1 of my supply houses discontinued it and i still have 2 cases of those little containers with sealed packages and some are popped open

        phoebe it is