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Water Heater Automatic Shutoff

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  • Water Heater Automatic Shutoff

    I have a customer that wants something like this.

    FloodStop Water Heater Auto Shut Off Valve 3/4 NPT

    Is this a good solution or have you found something else to be better?



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    Re: Water Heater Automatic Shutoff

    Looks ok to me .The only thing I probably would do is still install a real ball valve before the automatic one for maintenance..Price looks good ..If you install it let us know how it works..
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      Re: Water Heater Automatic Shutoff

      Installed a few. Never had to go back on one that was activated due to a leak.

      Only takes a drop of water to close the valve. Install the valve downstream of

      and as close as possible to the existing supply valve. If there's a pan, put the

      sensor inside. You can even add additional sensors in a series for extra protection.

      They can also be connected to home alarm system if applicable. Can be run off of

      batteries if there's no receptacle available. If you have a distant receptacle, I

      recommend plugging in the transformer and extending the low voltage wire on the

      transformer instead of using an extension cord. If the sensor is placed in an aluminum

      pan, put a rag under it to insulate it from the metal.


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        Re: Water Heater Automatic Shutoff

        Originally posted by TheMaster
        I've tossed the idea around to connect a shut off valve to my alarm systems programable low voltage circuit. My alarm system knows when I'm home and when I'm away.....I would connect and program as to turn off my water when the panel arms in "away" mode. So every time I left my house the water would be turned off. Ice maker would suffer but I dont use ice really.
        That would be a good setup for a shore house or similar home where no one is around on a daily basis to monitor for leaks. I have a friend with a place in the Poconos that he is there only on weekends, this would work well for him.
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          Re: Water Heater Automatic Shutoff

          JC, I have installed several of that brand. They work very well. Don't hesitate to use it.


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            Re: Water Heater Automatic Shutoff

            i have them too and use more of the washing machine style than the water heater ones.

            big jims advise is spot on as always too.

            phoebe it is


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              Re: Water Heater Automatic Shutoff

              Got one in the cupboard above the washer, unopened! Poor beth
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                Re: Water Heater Automatic Shutoff

                Thanks for sharing. As per my knowledge, water heater auto-shutoff valve uses an automatic 9VDC 3/4-inch full port motorized ball valve to shut off the water supply whenever your water heater leaks. If your water heater should begin to leak, the controller tells the water valves to close and alerts you with an 87db alarm.
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