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Ridgid 150 VS 15 tubing cutter?

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  • Ridgid 150 VS 15 tubing cutter?

    I'm a hobbyist home owner and can't deside which one is better. Might have to buy both. What is the opinion of the pro's? Is one way better then the other?
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    Re: Ridgid 150 VS 15 tubing cutter?

    the cutter i've relied on for literally 100,000s of cuts is the #15. cuts up to 1.25'' od. / 1'' copper tubing.

    but i also use it all the time for 1.25'' brass tailpieces tbe.

    never really cared for the 150.

    but i do use the 151 and 152-p all the time. great cutters. even have the 156 6.25'' capacity.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Ridgid 150 VS 15 tubing cutter?

      I have 2 Ridgid #150 cutters that I use a LOT. 1 is in my always-with-me hand tool bag and the other is in my soldering kit. I also have a #15 in my soldering kit. When I am doing a lot of soldering 1/2"-3/4" copper, I use the #15.

      The reason I have the #150 in my hand tool bag is that it can cut up to 1.5" tubular (which I do a lot) as well as make smaller cuts. I use and abuse it and it has never failed me.

      I also have a 151 and 152 that I use for bigger pipe. I use the 151 for 1"-1.5" copper. I have the plastic wheel for the 152 that I swap out if I need to make a precision cut on PVC and have space to spin it.