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cannot remove bathtub drain stopper

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  • cannot remove bathtub drain stopper

    This place was built in the 1980's, and I purchased it in 1996. I have never removed the bathtub drain stopper, but I want to remove it now so I can clean it out as the water is draining slowly. Well, I tried pulling it and turning it but I cannot figure out how to remove it. I'm attaching a couple photos if it helps. Thanks in advance for any tips!
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    Re: cannot remove bathtub drain stopper

    On the thread they cut out.wner So it said averagehomo I didn't know what to expect.... Anyways there should be a small Phillips screw tocked away were you can't see it under the stopper pull that screw the stopper will come out then a flat side on the brass pin will slow you to get a wrench on it..hard to explain use your wifes make up mirror Nd a flash light spin the stopper you'll find it. Hope this helps seanny


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      Re: cannot remove bathtub drain stopper

      S.D. - Could you be more vague?

      Get two pair of pliers and a flat screwdriver.

      Pull up stopper. Grasp the chrome disk with one pair of pliers.

      Unscrew and remove the lift knob with the other pair.

      There should be a square hole under the knob into which you can insert

      a flat screwdriver, diagonally, and unscrew the entire assembly.


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        Re: cannot remove bathtub drain stopper

        or the screw is on the bottom side of the stopper. ( Lift and turn to see if you see a phillips head)


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          Re: cannot remove bathtub drain stopper

          keep in mind that the tub is snaked from the overflow plate. the tub stopper is only for removing hair from the first 4'' of the drain shoe.

          the overflow allows a straight shot to the trap and drain for snaking.

          phoebe it is


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            Re: cannot remove bathtub drain stopper

            Yep you can usually spin the old stopper out .Lift the stopper and use a pair of channel locks to spin it out.You might need a new lift and turn stopper after doing so but sounds like you might any how
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              Re: cannot remove bathtub drain stopper

              If im not mistaken you would need to lower the stopper then turn it out.


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                Re: cannot remove bathtub drain stopper

                Resolution: I purchased one of those inexpensive plastic inserts (about 17" long) with jagged edges that you insert into a drain. I was able to push it all the way into the tub drain without removing the stopper. Then I just pulled it out along with some clumps of hair. Worked like a charm!

                Until I read Rick's post above, I didn't realize the overflow is intended for snaking. In fact, I read a little more on this topic and learned that I could actually damage the more fragile tub drain if I attempted to insert the snake into it. So that plastic insert was a safe way to handle it.

                Next, I removed the overflow plate and inserted a snake (I have a metal snake coil, I don't have a power snake). I got the snake in about three feet and then it stopped. Pulled it out and it was clean.

                Operation successful and I learned a couple things. Thanks to everyone who responded to my question. This forum is a great resource!
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