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Mini Therm II Model JV temperature limit switch

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  • Mini Therm II Model JV temperature limit switch

    Hey Guys;

    I have been installing a Tekmar 256 (and it appears to be working fine) on my Mini Therm Boiler and noticed that my boiler Temperature Limit Switch was set to 130 degrees Fahrenheit. Now that kind of seemed low to me and after reading the manual for the unit it states that it's factory default temp is 190 degrees Fahrenheit. So the big question is what typically is a reasonable limit for the unit? In the trouble shooting guide it actually states that if the limit switch is set too low it should be at least 20°F over outlet water temperature. Just unclear what they mean by the outlet water temperature.



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    Re: Mini Therm II Model JV temperature limit switch

    130 is too low for a mod con, it will condensate which is bad. Remember that the high limit is not necessarily the operating temperature although during very cold weather and long on cycles the burner may bounce off the high limit. I would set it around 180 - 200 with a 10 - 15 degree differential if it's adjustable. The outlet temperature is the water temperature leaving the boiler, which will also vary depending on the temperature of the water coming back but what we are generally looking for is a 20 degree differential between hot and cold.