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question with dirt in sewer line

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  • question with dirt in sewer line

    Over the past few years the piping in my back yard had started to collapse and shrink and block up every other month or so. It wasnt much of the main problem though.They (Huski Plumbing) didnt find any leaks in the pipe that would suggest a broken line anywhere and couldnt figure why it would be blocking up when they ran a camera through it. It started collecting dirt in it a couple months ago and completely blocked up, so I had my sewer line from the house to the city line replaced where they noticed some kind of double Y joint in the city line. The plumbers (Huski Plumbing) blew out the area with a blow bag before installing the new pipe about a month ago at that double Y joint. Everything ran fine for about 2 weeks and started collecting dirt in the line again and backing up. There is a tree on my property that sits right over the city line and am wondering if that might be the problem, there were no roots near my line when they dug it up. I dont have any trees near the line either. I am wondering if this may be a problem since my neighbors have had problems in the past too with this line. It continues to back up every time I use the washer and wont flush through large amounts of water. I am going to purchase a blow bag but going to be an annoying process continuing to flush out my line to the city line. I am wondering what can be done about this situation

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    Re: question with dirt in sewer line

    That's a good question.. Is the dwv cast iron? I've seen a lot of cast vertical vents badly rusted and cause stoppages as it drops,that looks a lot like dirt.


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      Re: question with dirt in sewer line

      If they installed a new sewer line, pull the cap on the cleanout. That should answer alot of questions.

      I am not sure what the double y is you are talking about, but the plumber should have torn out any weird piping at the main when he ran the new line. And if it looked crazy and weird to me, I would have called the city and had them correct, or explain whatever it was.

      Usually when I see mud in a line, it is from a completely broken sewer. And it doesn't really fall in and clog it up and is cleanable, it's 100% stopped up. But, sounds to me like someone dropped the ball somewhere.


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        Re: question with dirt in sewer line

        There are a few areas here on well and sewer. Some wells can produce a lot of sediment, and I've seen lines with problems from the sediment. Every couple of weeks though I'd think you'd have to have mud coming out your faucets. Just the same, are you on a well? If so check your toilet tanks... are they full of sediment at the bottom?

        Is the 'dirt' concentrated in a particular area of the line? Is it evident only downstream of a certain point? Everywhere downstream of that point or just in a certain area? Are the blockages always in a certain area of the line? Is the point of the blockage near the funny wye? Is the point of blockage in a belly or flat spot in the line? How far out from the house? How far from the main? Answers to those questions will help determine the source of the 'dirt'.

        How are the blockages being cleared, with a cable or with a water jetter? A cable could well just stir up and spread out a large amount of dirt without removing it. It could then reaccumulate at a belly or flat area and cause another clog.

        What, exactly, is the 'dirt'? did they get some of it out where you could identify it when they dug the wye?

        Figure out what it is to help determine where it is coming from and how to address it.

        I think the earlier comment re cast iron scale is a good one.
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