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  • air gap faucet

    I have a reverse osmosis system (4 stage culligan unit) that I recently re-connected (It was disconnected for a few months during a remodel). Anyway, the faucet it came with it leaks whenever I call for water from the storage tank. I checked everthing, and I even dissasmebled the faucet to check the seals and connections. There doesn't appear to be anything wrong, but it leaks none-the-less.

    So I thought this would be a good time to replace it. I am not the original owner, so the faucet is not under warranty. Can I replace the air gap faucet model with a non-air gap faucet model? I have seen this on a google search, but I am unsure if it is wise or not. If I was to make the switch, the drain would also have to be modified, and drain "up hill", as the connecting waste drain is above the manifold.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: air gap faucet


    A direct connection into the drain system, especially an RO system is highly dangerous. There's not much difficulty to replace that faucet with another similar type.

    It's probably leaking because there's crustation inside the faucet itself that's causing resistance, causing it to leak.
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      Re: air gap faucet

      These work well, if you want to install another trap under the sink.

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        Re: air gap faucet

        Thanks for the replies guys. I called the culligan water company, and they were happy to warranty my faucet. Problem solved!