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How To Winterize a Vacation House?

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    Re: How To Winterize a Vacation House?

    Again thanks for all of your advice. I just got back from PA and here is what I ended up doing. I drained all of the water lines (with the exception of the baseboard heating lines) then used a compressor to blow the water out. I added shutoff valves where the pipes leave the basement so the water will remain on but it will only feed the boiler. Everything else is shutoff. The water meter is in the basement and has an electronic device hooked up to it that runs to a box on the outside of the house so I didn't have to touch that. I assume this is how the meter is read. I shop vac'd the water out of the toilets then added biodegradable anti-freeze to all of the drains including the dishwasher and washing machine. I am keeping the heating system on during the winter. I set the temperature to 50 upstairs and 57 downstairs. I lowered the indirect hot water storage tank to its lowest setting. I also used a couple of cans of insulation foam to seal gaps around the stone foundation and other areas I could feel air coming in. I also made sure there was insulation on the heating system lines that run through the non heated areas of the crawl space. So hopefully everything will be fine this winter. I also added a sump pump to the basement.