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Water supply leak in house, can't locate

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    Re: Water supply leak in house, can't locate

    Originally posted by KKRRSS View Post
    Called in a leak detection guy, $280.
    He narrowed it down to the corner of the kitchen where the cabinets begin. He couldn't get right to the leak because of the cabinets.
    This is the same corner where the supply line comes into the house, the water heater is, and the manifold is.

    He's found many in this area and even said he's gone back and located subsequent leaks after repair. The pipes were all eroded from the inside out.

    He recommends a repipe with PEX.

    I'm considering it.

    With all due respect to your locator, these are terms which usually means "I haven't the slightest idea how to locate so let's repipe overhead with PEX". That doesn't mean that's what's going on but it is very typical of that scenario.

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