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Challanging your apprenticeship

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  • Challanging your apprenticeship

    Want to know how I go about challenging my apprenticeship. I'm just starting my 5th year, almost got my hours, but I was never signed as an apprentice, I want to write my test when I get all my hours. Any info or advice would be golden

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    Re: Challanging your apprenticeship

    You will probably need letters attesting to the fact that you have been involved in the plumbing field for the proscribed period of time for your local. 4/5 years.
    From your various bosses, supervisors, building inspectors, etc. If you have plied your trade with non-profit groups as a volunteer, I would have them write letters of reference as well. As a fifth year apprentice, you have probably been given solo jobs where you did the take off, picked up the materials, and completed the job by yourself. That kind of information would help too.


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      Re: Challanging your apprenticeship

      did you actually go to an apprenticeship school?

      did you work for the same company all 5 years?

      you do have pay stubs and tax returns as proof.

      time to sit down with your apprenticeship council and or labor board.

      what did your employer have to say?

      phoebe it is