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is there a way to trace down a sewer smell? are there special tools that pros use?

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    Re: is there a way to trace down a sewer smell? are there special tools that pros use

    Yea, dead squirrels have a distinctive smell that really can't be mistaken for anything else. However with that said, first whiff could be mistaken for a sewer smell if that makes any sense.


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      Got you all beat.

      Customer comes home from a one-week vacation.
      Their house stinks of dead animal.
      Their front window is covered with young houseflies.

      As I descend the stairs into the finished basement, the smell gets worse.
      I turn around and go outside and get up on the roof and set a powerful squirrel cage blower on itside on top of the 10x10" chimney flue of the basement's fireplace.
      The air is sucked up the chimney through the open side of the blower. The motor side isealed with ductape withe motor openings unobstructed to allow cooling air.

      In 5 minutes the horrible odor is pulled out of the basement room.
      I squeeze into the fireplace with my arms inside two garbage bags.
      I reach through the damper and am able to feel the gooey, slippery raccoon carcass. It comes apart in large sections., I.nverthe garbage bags over the pieces and pull the garbage bags outhrough the damper opening.
      Despite my face being only inches from the rotting carcass, the nauseating order is being powerfully pulled up the chimney and out, so I am breathing only fresh air.

      I get all the slimy pieces out, remove the squirrel cage blower and start to burn crumpled-up newspaper balls in the smoke chamber (bottom of the chimney behind the damper).
      Slowly I heathe masonry and get it up to a hotemperature and sterilize the smoke chamber surfaces.
      Afterwards, close the damper andump two boxes of baking soda down the chimney which diffuses over all the surfaces.

      The outdoorstinks from the air sucked pasthe carcass.
      Buthe customer's house smells far better - only a little residual odor.
      They are so greatful.
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      I'd take an educated guess - but I'm unqualified.
      It ain't just soot, it's paydirt.
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        Re: Got you all beat.

        I have waited till I couldn't smell it, then started sniffing around walls windows and chases. Gets me close most of the time.


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          Re: Got you all beat.

          ...i guess the worst (or best?) problem is the smell isn't constant.


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            Re: Got you all beat.

            The ones i have found doing that are mostly rotted out cast vent stacks. Wind was blowing smell through the walls.