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  • Kenmore Disposal Repair

    Hi, anyone out there have any experience with the dis-assembly of any Kenmore disposal units? I have a 3/4 HP model 60554 (175.605540) that is about 4-5 years installed with light use over that period. The quick back-story is that it no longer grinds food sufficiently. The overall sound of it in use has changed and from what I have been able to learn today from a partial take-down is that the two 'shredder' dogs have gotten gummed up enough that they don't move as freely as they should and, in turn, cannot centrifugally contact the outer cutting blades to do the job. That fully explains how we went from a fairly loud unit in use to a much quieter one with a problem. The replacement part that will make this good as new is available but there is a 1/2" nut/bolt that holds that assembly in place that is VERY snug and won't let go (yet).

    My question is if anyone can tell me if this is a regular RH thread or a reverse threaded part? I'll put some more torque on it but only if I am sure I am going in the right direction. I get this wrong and its catastrophic for the unit. Instant scrap.


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    Re: Kenmore Disposal Repair

    Disposals are throw away item. You will spend more time trying to fix it then it would take to go to Lowe's or HD and buy a new one and install it. You will especially enjoy the leaks that develop once you pull the thing apart and re-assemble it.

    If your set on fixing the thing try this. If you have grinding tabs that are stuck use, liquid wrench, for a couple of days and see it that works. (rust only) If you have protein build up, use a heavy duty detergent. Like dishwasher soap mixed in with a little water. Plug the outlet of disposal and fill it up and let it soak.


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      Re: Kenmore Disposal Repair

      try grinding some ice then run water the ice will turn a dirty color


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        Re: Kenmore Disposal Repair

        ice is the best method for cleaning a smelly disposal.

        that said, your disposal is a re-badge insinkerator/ ise disposal.

        as water surgeon has mentioned, anything beyond a simple jammed disposal is not worth repairing on a non commercial disposal. for about $100-120, you can replace the entire machine with a new unit.

        good luck trying to find parts for the internals of a residential disposal.

        phoebe it is