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bosch dishwasher installation model SHE43RL5UC6/64

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  • bosch dishwasher installation model SHE43RL5UC6/64

    Got it for a deal because it had a small dent on it... installed it on a saturday
    seemed simple enough, turns out I was also missing all the installation hardware > <
    18.00 and a trip to home depot later I had an installation kit and VERY Bad Instructions

    seeing as how there was one hose to attach and one hose coming from the dishwasher I assumed they attached to each other!!!! WRONG!!!
    the hose with the loop on the high side is apparently JUST A VENT and its just a coincidence that it fits perfectly to the drain hose...

    install the hose with the elbow on it from the sink drain to the outlet at the very bottom rear (with a hose clamp) do not turn it after you attach it this is not space shuttle grade tubing we're working with!!! and not too tight!

    attach the hot water line to the front with the little golden elbow box thingy and some thread tape routing the line thru the center of the dishwasher where there is a nice channel for it.I recommend a 5' or better braided line

    and just leave the strange open ended hose clamped to the side of the dishwasher, hanging limp, with nothing to do but vent

    hopefully you do not have a wading pool in your kitchen full of children on a sunday with no technician available.
    Breathe and smile!

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    Re: bosch dishwasher installation model SHE43RL5UC6/64

    bosch doesn't give much room for the bottom clearance. bu they do have a nice front adjusting leg setup for the rear leveling legs.

    should have decent online instructions and installation manual.

    phoebe it is