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    Re: gas line cost estimate

    Eh, 2k is more than I'd charge for something similar, but it sounds to me like people are taking him up on it, whereas I'm leaving money on the table. Who's the fool here?
    No, it's not rocket science, it's plumbing and unlike rocket science it requires a license.


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      Re: gas line cost estimate

      I think $100/ft. is high. But I do agree - his time is worth money and picking up materials and permits, etc. takes time. Especially, if 2 trips are involved - to backfill after inspection.

      I looked up a kit online - contains risers and was about $300 for 1". I need 1-1/4". I figure it may take a total of 3 hours time on the job and the trench is dug, and I will backfill. Plumber quoted me $750 - this was before I knew what the kit cost.

      So he has maybe $350 in materials, and $400 in labor. That seems fair - covering his travel and pickup time as well as install.

      I posed the question, because i have had the "he looks rich" quote before - because i saved my money and live in a nice house. No one notices the Mazda 3 i drive.

      You guys should put some ballpark figures out more often - ballpark materials and labor. Call out time to pick stuff up, as well the cost of keeping a truck on the road. People don't understand the cost, and to many times it seems like it is just a stab.


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        Re: gas line cost estimate

        Thanks Alpha, Mo and Flux. I'd probably scare everyone to death if I posted my ProPress Pricing.
        Suffice it to say, that I'm not a wholesaler. I'm on the retail end of this business.


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          Re: gas line cost estimate

          Originally posted by alphadog View Post
          People don't understand the cost, and to many times it seems like it is just a stab.
          Unfortunately, some Plumbing & Heating contractors don't understand their "true" costs either.


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            Re: gas line cost estimate

            its hard to come on here and ask for a price to do a job because we all come from different places and the prices are far apart
            labor rate , gas , supply's ect are a lot different

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