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Water supply branch VS Fire Sprinkler locations

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  • Water supply branch VS Fire Sprinkler locations

    hello all,

    Interesting situation here. I looked at an old, 3 storey wood frame house thats about 100yrs old. steel water lines are abandoned and copper has replaced it. the 1" copper line enters the house and then there is a 1" by 1/2" tee. Half inch has a shutoff, prv and then runs the entire house. The remaining copper line dissappears into a bulk head, runs about 25-30 feet into a mechanical room in the middle/rear of the home and has to sprinkler heads (Vintage brass spinker heads) hanging at the end of the line on city pressure.

    My question is, I'd like to tee in a 3/4" branch near the end of the run in the mechanical room, and run the repiping task from there, but I'm not familiar enough with sprinklers to know if tee'ing off down the line closer to the heads runs any risks (ie: on/off pressure changes that could set them off?). The alternate plan is much heavier a task and I'd prefer to tee off where there is space and room to work.

    Feed back is appreciated,
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