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  • Slab Leak

    I have some plastic pipe under a concrete slab in my backyard which is used to carry irrigation water which seems to have sprung a leak. I’m trying to figure out how to deal with this.
    One option would be to break the concrete and repair the pipe. I can see that the water is seeping from out of a cracked expansion joint. I assume the leak would be very near but it would be nice to confirm. How do I locate the leak? Is leak detection equipment available for rental.
    Another option is to run alternate over ground piping and remove the under slab pipe from service. No need to worry about breaking the slab but the solution is not as clean and I’m concerned about having to dig the other end of the pipe from the ground and damaging the roots of some of my plants.

    If I can accurately predict the location of the leak I can break the slab and fix the pipe

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    Re: Slab Leak

    sometimes...........and I mean might get lucky enough that the pipe was run in a sleeve under the slab. If you know where the leaking pipe enters and exits the slab you could dig out one end and see if it is sleeved. What kind and size pipe is under the slab?


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      Re: Slab Leak

      It is 3/4" white PVC - unfortunately the thinner wall kind - not the sort I'm used to buying when I've done stuff with PVC pipe. No idea why they used that. Our area is subject to the ground still settling and the cracked expansion joint on the slab is due to the ground lowering I think since the opposite ends of the expansion joint are sitting in slightly different planes. That shifting may have stressed the pipe and caused it to crack.

      This pipe had been sitting unused for many years - they placed it and then poured the slab I guess when the house was constructed and then never used the pipe for irrigation. I did a major remodel of my yard about a year or two ago and discovered this pipe and placed it into service to carry water to a number of new plants I have planted