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Freezing Pipes

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  • Freezing Pipes

    Does freezing water push copper pipes apart at the solder joints?

    I have seen pipes "split" from freezing, but it seems unlikely that freezing would result in pushing apart the pipes unless the solder joint is improperly installed.

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    Re: Freezing Pipes

    It can and it will push a joint apart
    most the time i will find it around a 90


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      Re: Freezing Pipes

      it doesn't always have to be at a solder joint. The freezing causes the pipe to expand, and then wen it thaws it contracts, where it can split the pipe. I've seen frozen pipes do wonders, splitting at every possiblity there is . Always a good idea just to drain them or heat trace if possible.
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        Re: Freezing Pipes

        Ive seen frozen water bust concrete and engine blocks never underestimate the power of water freezing.