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Replacement for Moen 1222 cartridge?

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  • Replacement for Moen 1222 cartridge?

    I am not a big fan of the Moen L82383 shower faucet and would like to know if Moen has another cartridge that can be used in place of the 1222 so as to eliminate the Posi-Temp feature.
    Or, is it possible to remove a component of the existing 1222 cartridge and effectively remove the temperature control portion completely, allowing the faucet to function manually? Thanks!

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    Re: Replacement for Moen 1222 cartridge?

    Definitely NO and NO. There is no other cartridge, and if you pulled out the spool, that would cause improper mixing ( besides being a code violation).


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      Re: Replacement for Moen 1222 cartridge?

      Thanks for your reply. Before I installed this Moen faucet in my basement shower stall, it had an old Sears two handle shower faucet on 4 inch centers with cheap cartridges. My water heater was set at the perfect temperature for taking a shower. For many years I never had to turn on the cold water at all. I assumed that after I installed the new Moen faucet with the temperature limit set to maximum, all I would have to do is turn the single handle open to the maximum position and I would have only hot water coming out just as before. I was wrong. It was much colder that it should be. So I turned off the cold water feed valve to the shower and now the hot water was restricted to almost nothing.
      I had no choice but to turn up the hot water heater to a much higher setting. This ends up sending hot water that is really too hot to the other fixtures in the house and wastes money! So I would be really happy if it was possible to pull out the spool and close the cold water feed to this faucet. Otherwise I will have to start over again and try to find a very small, compact and modern two handle shower faucet.