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URGENT! Need advice on CIPP point repair systems

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  • URGENT! Need advice on CIPP point repair systems

    Thanks in advance for quick feedback guys. We have a good friend who had us out Saturday afternoon because he has had a leak coming into his basement for a while which has been getting steadily worse. He thought it was his water line but after doing quite a bit of digging himself and repairing some questionable sections the water was still there. The house has a partial basement with a slab on grade addition beside it. A day or two ago he noticed that the water leaking in was soapy and his wife was doing laundry at the time. I wasn't in the area, but my brother and Dad went there yesterday and camera'd the line from a basement cleanout. They saw an offset joint with what looked like a small hole in the bottom of the pipe just ahead of it. They put a dye tablet in the sump pump and when it pumped out the dyed water reentered the basement through the wall in about 15 seconds. The dyed water was also visible on the camera disappearing into the hole in the bottom of the pipe. The pipe is 4" ABS. From the cleanout to the break is about 6' but there is a combo wye that we have to go around. The break is under a slab directly under the shower in a bathroom. Replacing a section of pipe would require a complete bathroom demo.

    Today I was visiting with the owner and told him about CIPP point repair. He offered to help us purchase the equipment and use his job as our training grounds. This needs to be repaired ASAP. Any immediate input on point repair systems would be greatly appreciated. (Purchase price, ease of use, customer support, etc.) We are thinking Source One Pipe Patch but we know there are many such systems out there so we don't want to make an uninformed decision which we will regret later.

    Some questions we have:
    1. How much overlap onto host pipe do you need to prevent water seeping between the host pipe and the patch? The shower wyes into the line about 14" ahead of the break so we can overlap about a foot.
    2. How tight of corners can the patch be pushed around?
    3. What sizes of patches can you get? I know 48", but do they make shorter or longer patches?
    If anyone has any experience with these systems please let me know as soon as possible. Thanks again.

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    Re: URGENT! Need advice on CIPP point repair systems

    fernco makes a 2' long kit. it's now marketed by another company. there are some here that use that system. i think gene is one of them.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: URGENT! Need advice on CIPP point repair systems

      I just typed a big long thing and it dis appeared? pm me and ill get you my # if you still have questions
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