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no hot water pressure in certain areas

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  • no hot water pressure in certain areas

    I have recently purchased my first house, like took ownership 17 days ago. Yesterday the weather turned dramatically cold (-36)(-46 with wind chill) and woke up to find that I have no hot water in half the house. The house I have is a duplex with one upstairs, everything fine there and one downstairs. The one down stairs has hot water in the kitchen but no where else. I do not know anything about water heaters at all. Yesterday I open the taps and ran the hot water in the kitchen and I got water back in a few hours but today I never got it back. I ran water most of the morning and got a little spark of life twice but then nothing. The people up stairs says now they have no hot water. I tried following the pipes to see where it may be frozen, but the HT is incased in a very small room and all the pipes are enclosed. Looking for a way yo fix this with out spending money that I dont have