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sanitary tee on its back

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    Re: sanitary tee on its back

    Not legal, not the correct fitting, but I agree. Leave it alone unless it causes you problems. The reason is is illegal is that fitting is intended for vertical use. Gravity will supposedly pull the water/waste in the correct direction(provided it's not installed upside down). A eye is more directional. Coming from a vertical, you would use a eye and 45" elbow together(combo). You will not likely have problems because there shouldn't be much or any solids in your washer waste, and pvc is so friggin' slick that as long as there's descent pitch, the water will drain readily. Like Flux said, the combo also makes it much easier to jet and or cable. A snake can(if it hits right) go the wrong way with your santee on it's back. With a combo, it can only go one way. I deal with an old condo building with old CINH. The back to back lav stacks use twin CI san t's. When those Ts or the vertical gets plugged up, they can be a bear to cable because the snake will skip from one side of the T to the other instead of going down the stack and clearing. Drop head is the only way around that, but it still happens on bad clogs. When I do remodels in those buildings, I replace the cast T's with schedule 40 pvc. I also use a double combo instead of san T's. This way, when you send your cable down the line, it's got no choice but to go down the stack.