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Leveling shower stall

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  • Leveling shower stall

    I have searched for two hours and came up with here it goes. Old farm house, stable floor, good bare plywood ready for new bathroom..small bathroom...6'5" x 6'5". Putting in new Maxx 4' standup shower stall. Problem I have is when shower is in place (not yet in mortar base)it's about 5/8" out of level on the width, I can shim it & level it but then I have a 5/8" gap where the shower meets the floor on one side, even with my tile & mastic your talkin a 1/2" thick at best, which leaves possibly a 3/8" gap still. How do I get this shower to sit level without completely tearing out all the flooring & leveling it or having a gap larger then my tile can cover? Can I cut the acrylic/fibrgls on the bottom? notch the floor out? another subfloor outside the shower area????any ideas??

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    Re: Leveling shower stall

    Due to individual site variations, exact
    guidelines for every situation cannot be
    supplied. The recommended framing and
    dimensional requirements shown are for a
    typical application and may vary,
    depending on site requirements.

    The dimensions shown in Figure 1a and 1b
    are from the surfaces where the unit will be
    attached. This surface can be bare
    studding, dry wall or other suitable
    underlayment material.


    Framing should be done using
    accepted materials and construction
    techniques, in accordance with all
    applicable codes.

    With the unit positioned in the alcove,
    several details must be checked prior to
    securing the unit in place (Figure 2a, 2b
    and Figure 2c);

    Confirm dam is resting flush on the floor.

    Confirm drain alignment.

    Confirm the top of unit is level on all

    Confirm the unit is square in the alcove

    Confirm the front inside corner is plumb
    at each end. (This is critical for the
    proper installation of an enclosure)

    The unit must be positioned square in
    the alcove framework. The use of shim or
    filler material behind the fastening flange at
    each framing member may be required to
    maintain the unit in the proper position.

    After the unit is confirmed leveled and
    square in the alcove, drill a 1/8 inch hole
    through the fastening flange at each
    framing member and every 8 inches along
    the front fastening flanges. Secure the unit
    in place across the back wall first, followed
    by the flanges at each end and along the
    front flanges, using 1-1/4 inch long screws
    or other appropriate fasteners.

    Continuously check to confirm the base
    remains square within the alcove as it is
    being secured. (Figure 3a and 3b)
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      Re: Leveling shower stall

      It looks like they do not want you to use a mortar type material. As small as the bathroom is I would pull the plywood and level the floor. It would not be much work and the bathroom would turn out better.

      "Somewhere a Village is Missing Twelve Idiots!" - Casey Anthony

      I never lost a cent on the jobs I didn't get!


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        Re: Leveling shower stall

        What about using a self leveling compound thru out the bath,including under the shower.Then everything will be level including your tile work.
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