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Copper grounding wire on hot water heater.

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  • Copper grounding wire on hot water heater.

    I do handyman work and noticed for the first time a copper grounding wire (12 gauge bare copper) connected from
    the cold water inlet copper supply line leading to hot water heater, this wire then connects (via grounding clamp)
    to the hot water copper outlet pipe of hot water heater, then the copper wire is connected to the galvanized natural gas line (via grounding clamp). The cold water inlet copper pipe leading to the hot water heater has a grounding clamp connected with copper wire leading to electrical panel as for grounding of the electrical panel.

    Again, its the 1st time I've seen a copper wire from cold water pipe to hot water pipe to galvanized gas line.
    Is this done to prevent any static electricity? Thanks.

    Okay so I found out that Copper ground wire added between hot and cold to avoid stray current corrosion why connect it to the galvanized natural gas line?
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    Re: Copper grounding wire on hot water heater.

    There is no reason to connect to the gas line, it is not used as a grounding mechanism. Electrically onnecting between hot and cold helps against voltage differential between the two lines (cold is often used as an electrical ground at circuit panels and can therefore be slightly higher potential than a hot-water pipe).

    BTW, gas lines are normally not galvanized, but can be black iron.


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      Re: Copper grounding wire on hot water heater.

      I am going to sugest that you look at this power point,
      I think your seeing what is discribed as "Bonding"

      here is more in depth
      or at least links to a more in depth study.

      Grounding Versus Bonding
      Push sticks/blocks Save Fingers
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        Re: Copper grounding wire on hot water heater.