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Good pipe bad pipe????

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  • Good pipe bad pipe????

    I thread mostly black iron and galvanized pipe in the 3/4 to 1.25 inch range. What manufacturers make the best pipe and what manufacturers should I stay away from???? Thanks!

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    Re: Good pipe bad pipe????

    Stay away from China pipe only use Canada or US pipe. That is the golden rule, But availability and price will sway you to the china pipe and all the leaks to follow.

    One thing I should add is HD sometimes will have US pipe mixed in with the junk. That is the only time I think HD is reasonably priced on pipe.
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      Re: Good pipe bad pipe????


      Originally posted by shinestar
      Now, you still need that pipe. because it gose half one year, if you still have an requirement, we can find some manufcturers.


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        Re: Good pipe bad pipe????

        Has anyone else noticed a lot of people signed up recently and then post one line and in many cases not particularly useful answers to questions in threads. In some cases I'm sure it's just to get their website up somewhere in the post so it's a way of advertising their stuff.

        I recall someone signed up and in the "construction" section started advising people on stone fabrication a couple of years ago. Sadly a lot of the info posted was quite incorrect. I chimed in and pointed out the errors - don't think I saw any further posts on that subject from the poster.


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          Re: Good pipe bad pipe????

          Yes, it's happened before. It's a type of phishing. If you spy an obvious one you can hit the little red triangle in the lower left corner of the post to report it. One of the Admins will look at it and block the user from making further postings. Unfortuntely that means they can come back under another name but not much can be done about it. It has been discussed and one suggestion was for new members to sign up and have to wait 24 hours or so before they could post. Slows them down but determined abusers will wait it out.

          Best thing to do is don't respond to their posts, that just pushes their thread back to the top where even morre will see it which is what they want. Just report it and forget them.
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