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Kitchen faucet diverters suck

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  • Kitchen faucet diverters suck

    I'm sick of breaking cheap plastic deals that house diverters in some faucets. They get clogged. Screwdriver is never big enough. Needle nose pliers can't grab it right. Somtimes I need that metric alan wrench. Is there an easier way? acid? I'm afraid to try. Who makes this stuff?

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    Re: Kitchen faucet diverters suck

    I agree with your frustration.What brand was it?Really doesn't matter tho,faucets made today are garbage.When I started this trade 27 years ago,most of the parts were brass.As a service plumber.I was trained to repair these faucets.I still work on faucets that are 80+ years old.Now if I have a faucet that is 8 years old and dripping I suggest replacing it.They are just not worth repairing,or even throwing in the scrap bucket!
    I wish an American company would start making a brass faucet with rubber washers and brass seats again.
    Moen and Delta are the most commonly used faucets here in Ohio.Moen used to make an excellent single handle faucet,the Legend.I've seen these faucets last 30 years.Now I'm lucky if I install a Moen faucet and the the handle stays up due to a plastic cartridge.Or a tub and shower faucet that has no hole drilled out for the shower head supply!Ya,imagine installing a tub and shower faucet,from the front,and you can't get water to the shower head because there is no hole in the valve!Moen...for a lifetime...sure,it's a lifetime warranty for sending cheap repair parts in the mail that may or may not work.The customer gets frustrated with this and eventually replaces the faucet.
    I know that many if not most plumbers would rather replace a faucet than repair one,there is more money to be made.I,however,would rather install a faucet that I could stand behind.My customers respect my opinion.I tell them to pick out their own faucets much of the time now.
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