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  • closet flange options

    I've been doing some work in the bathroom and needed to pull the toilet to replace some drywall. One of the closet bolts was rotted out which wasn't a good sign but I hadn't noticed any leaks. After getting the toilet off the wax seal look a little too good like it hadn't been compressed well or at all, but it most have been mostly sealed or I would have seen some leaking right? The closet flange is not totally rusted out thankfully and should hold new bolts just fine.
    I know that flange is too low as its sits flush with the tile. Obviously whoever tiled the floor didn't raise it. I've looked at spacers or extenders but they all seem to need to attach to the floor through the screw holes of the original flange. I could drill out the slab and use concrete fasteners but I'm concerned that there isn't enough concrete there to get a good hole in for a fastener. Here's why.
    The flange appears to be attached to the drain pipe, it's not screwed in. After looking closer I believe it's something like this.
    Level-Fit Closet Flange with Metal Ring ::
    Since that insert is sitting inside the 4" drain it seems like the holes for fasteners would be too close to the pipe and not really anchor well, but maybe I'm wrong.
    I looked at other waxless options that seal inside the drain pipe, but those seem to be out since I now have a funky ID due to the glue-in flange (3-3/4 - 3-7/8).

    Any advice?
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    Re: closet flange options

    benny, you're in luck and it's a very simple fix

    go to lowes/ home depot and buy a new abs flange with the stainless ring in a 3'' hub design. the hub should have the same od as the id of the pipe you're gluing into.

    i've done it a few times and it works like a charm.

    i'm a 120 miles from you if you're stumped

    they also make a twist and fit internal ring that uses a large tapered rubber threaded insert. those work good too, but try the abs glue in one first. remember to keep the flange sitting on top of the surface of the finish floor tile. use stainless screws and inserts to fasten to the concrete below.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: closet flange options

      If nothing is cracked and the steel ring is still strong there are a couple of simple solutions. The flange looks a little low but not that bad. I use these stacker rings all the time and they work great. I clean the old flange and then silicone the top of it. Use the longer set of bolts to bolt the stacker to the old flange and you're done. You'll need one stacker ring, some silicone, two long bolts, four nuts and four washers, that's all. Another trick I use a lot if I think the flange is slightly low is to pinch your wax ring all the way around to raise the height of the wax about a half inch.