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Wiring Outdoor Wood Burner

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  • Wiring Outdoor Wood Burner

    Hi Everyone,
    So, my mother just bought a outdoor wood burning boiler and she needs me to install it. Now, the plumbing isn't that difficult since it's pretty straight forward, just labor intensive. However, I only know enough about electrical wiring to be dangerous.

    Her boiler has a pump that runs 24/7 and a flue that is aquastat controlled. The manufacturer builds these units in MI, but doesn't install them. He does wire the aquastat and flue and installs an electrical box which he recommends putting an on/off switch in and connecting the pump and aquastat to said switch.

    I'm pretty sure I should use a 20 amp breaker, with 12/2 wire w/g, but am not sure if I need a double pole switch, or a single pole switch and then wire the pump and aquastat in a series type circuit. I normally don't do this type of thing, but I refuse to pay an electrician $100 to connect 6 wires for me.

    If someone could provide me with a little education, I would appreciate it. Basically, which color wires to connect were to insure I don't fry the pump, or burn the house down would be great.


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    Re: Wiring Outdoor Wood Burner

    Sorry for putting this in the wrong thread, I noticed after I posted that there is an "electrical forum" on here. I think I have it figured out now.