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Strangest thing found in a plugged toilet?

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    Hello, I just recently had a black bird in my toilet that came down the sewer vent from outside the house! We always keep the toilet seat down after using it! My dog was acting strange the other day, I went to see what she was doing, I had just used this toilet 20 minutes before the toilet was making the noise of the plunger stuck and not refilling the tank, so I looked in the tank, no problem, so I lifted up the seat lid and slammed it shut, as low and behold there was a good size ball of black wet fur stareing up at Me! It looked as it was still alive, I put the tank cover on to the seat so this critter could not escape, called my hubby and he sure didn't want to deal with this problem, he made me call a critter control service, well they wanted 200.00 bucks, I ended up calling a fearless friend of ours and he came to my rescue, gave him my husbands favorite BBQ tongs and a coffe canister, as soon as he grabbed the bird with the tongs it was squawking like a Bird from the Alfred Hitchcock movie, yes it was alive and as soon as it was taken outside it flew away....i will never sit on any toilet before a complete inspection is done lmao and I don't believe my hubby will continue to use the toilet as throne or recliner while playing his phone games anymore