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Leaky Tub ???

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  • Leaky Tub ???

    I went down in my basement this morning after taking a shower to see water on the floor below the pipes. Looked above and all the yellow insulation was soaked. Tore all of the wet insulation out and turned the tub water on and there were no leaks. I can feel a draft of cold (must be outside) air coming down after I removed the insulation. Is the leaking water coming from condensation forming from the outside cold air and the hot water running through the pipes ? It was around 30 outside the last few mornings. The wood around this area looks like it has been getting wet for some time. If so how do I stop this ? Get a stick and shove major amounts of new insulation up the back of the tub or wrap the pipes with something ?

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    Re: Leaky Tub ???

    It's possible I guess, but I see no vent in that area from your pictures, so that wouldn't be my first or 2nd guess.

    I would first look at your tub spout and make sure it sits flush with the tub wall. Keep in mind, when you're showering water is bouncing off your body and goes everywhere. I'm going to assume you have no access panel in the back of the tub to see the faucet and drain, but you would be wise to cut an access panel in. That way you can take a board and wedge it in between the spout and the back of the tub wall to put tension on that pipe so it doesn't slide forward. I would then put a nice thin bead of caulk around the tub spout in the front between back of spout and wall.

    Also if you recently changed a shower head, that's another possibility of the shower arm not being tight into the lug ell.

    Also look at the over-flow pate on the tub to make sure that is tight as well, along with the faucet escutcheon plate.


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      Re: Leaky Tub ???

      When your done doing what Flux said you can make it look nice with some decorative molding to make a picture frame. Silicone the cut sheet rock to the frame and maybe a few screws to hold the frame to the rock to keep it tight to the wall. Nothing like being able to access it later.
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        Re: Leaky Tub ???

        my guess is the overflow washer/ seal to the back of the fiberglass tub based on the stains in the photo.

        i would have someone pour water directly onto the overflow while your below. use a bucket without turning on the tub to eliminate all other possibilites.

        of course caulking at the grout line, shower arm split, tub spout sraying back into the wall, estucions.

        phoebe it is


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          Re: Leaky Tub ???

          My sister called last week with the same problem. I fiqured out that her daughter left the shower curtain on the outside of the tub. Luckly for her when I put the tub in I put an access panel in the ceiling in the basement. It just leaked thru the access panel & down on the ceramic tile floor. No damage just a pint of water to mop up.


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            Re: Leaky Tub ???

            It was the tub spout, it had a crack where the old caulk became brittle on the top side towards the wall and the 1/2" pipe was never caulked to the shower. It would only leak when the old lady took a shower it must have been bouncing off her nice round a**, lol !!!

            ThanX for all the help much appreciated