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New to forums- have major problem- suggestions?

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  • New to forums- have major problem- suggestions?

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ID:	635318Hi guys- I've been a plumber here in DC/VA area for about 12 years now and have followed these forums for a few months- I guess I'm the one who needs some help now! I moved this old shower line about 2 feet, it was 2" cast iron trap that I replaced with 2" PVC and then coupled to the same 2" cast iron line. Poured a bucket of water down it- all good.
    Now my customer has finished tiling and grouting her lovely new shower and it doesn't drain! She swears she had the drain covered the whole time- but I have already pulled back a plastic bag with my k50. The K50 goes just over 1 cable in to the drain, so about 6-7 feet, so it seems like the stoppage must be just past the fernco coupling by a foot or 2 to me. It feels like a brick wall- tried reversing, different heads, all that- no luck. The shower will drain SLLOOOOWLLY, but is basically unusable. The cheapest local company with a RIDGID camera snake that will make the 2" trap turn wants $845. minimum to come out- and I'm not sure how much it would help anyway so I'm not doing that!
    Can anyone guide me on this? Any way to tell WHAT the blockage is? ANY way to clear it without rebreaking the whole floor and digging it up? Any ideas at all?!
    I'm on my way back there this weekend to try again with the K50, but my hopes are low.
    Thanks for any help you can give!
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    Re: New to forums- have major problem- suggestions?

    welcome tom.

    get ahold of bill on the forum. he goes by plumberscrack he should be able to camera the line for a whole lot less than that.

    i would try a 4 blade cutter on the k-50 or the never fails rick reverse auger. basically a cut off cable with a sharpened hook and slight bend, run in a counterclockwire rotation/ reverse rotation.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: New to forums- have major problem- suggestions?

      And asert there's a problem "It ain't Yours " Freekin tile dope " You get paid for this!
      IT'S A SERVICE CALL !!!!!!
      I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .


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        Re: New to forums- have major problem- suggestions?

        Thanks guys- I was able to get a cut off 3/8" cable thru and loosen it all up, then shop-vacced out all the junk that was clogging it. I made sure my customer was there with me to see, and sure enough it was grout chunks and even a tile piece! I figure the tile piece got caught and that must have been what I was hitting with the K50. Anyway- my customer was clearly at fault here and she knew it, she was gracious and offered to pay me for my time; since this was the end of a $2000. job I just let it slide.
        Thanks again guys-
        Tom Woods


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          Re: New to forums- have major problem- suggestions?

          Never leave a job without showing the customer what was fixed, how it works, and sign the little piece of paper (invoice) that says you showed them it worked. CYA, especially with people following behind. Pictures are also wonderful on a pan liner. I stopped doing pan liners after the know it all tile guy used roofing tacks to make sure the pan liner didn't go anywhere. What happens if the tile person cuts the liner after it held test? Your fault! Sorry for the rant, just one of my pet peeves.

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