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  • Alohagreen Tanless

    Anyone heard of these? Anyone using them? The prices seem good, just wondering if they are worth the time and trouble.

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    Re: Alohagreen Tanless

    I would avoid them like the plague. The really good ones ($2,000+) don't get a good rating from other plumbers on this forum. Avoid the electric tankless at all costs unless you want to build your own power plant to power them. All tankless systems require maintenance to be efficient that is almost always overlooked.


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      Re: Alohagreen Tanless

      I've always thought tankless WH were way over priced. Just because the "really good ones" are
      high priced doesn't mean they are superior. Alohagreen is the name of a distributor that markets a
      couple of brands of tankless that are made here in the US. Ecotemp is located in Tennessee and
      EcoSmart is in Florida. As to their performance and reliability, I cannot speak. They seem to have a
      wide variety of units for every application. You will need to evaluate your specific needs in order to
      choose the correct system for your specific application. It's not my intention to debate the tankless
      vs. tank issue. But let's face it, tankless is here to stay. It's been predicted that within 5 - 10 years 50% or more of American homes will have a tankless heater. Since over 9.5 million tank units are currently sold in the US each year, the potential market is huge. Even the big tank heater companies have jumped on board by partnering with the larger Japanese companies to have units private labeled for them. So at the risk of blasphemy, I will say that it would be prudent for trade pros to get more educated on the installation and use of tankless.


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        Re: Alohagreen Tanless

        I have never heard of that brand.
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