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New/reno complete pex install question.

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  • New/reno complete pex install question.

    Some basic info. Western NY area. 1 story ranch with finished loft (eventually). Crawl space foundation with no room to maneuver after subloor install. 2x6 ceiling rafters spaced 16. Kitchen area vaulted so no ceiling rafters. 3/4 inch coming from street.

    I'm quite sure I'm not explaining fully but here is my question. I plan to install a manifold system to take advantage of minimal connections. Manifold(s) will be located in same closet within utility room that contains hot water tank and main water valve. All lines can be run either below floor or above ceiling except for kitchen. Which would be more advantageous, or required by code?

    A further bit of info...all plumbing is very near center of house width wise (as per my plan) so there will be no long runs. The same applies to drains/vents.
    I'm new here and am fairly handy but my concerns are code and efficiency. I plan to do work myself and have inspection performed when work completed.

    Thanks alot for the info. If more info is needed, please ask.
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    Re: New/reno complete pex install question.

    hm...56 views...0 replies. Either I stumped the experts or you guys hoard info. I can respect that. I too belong to a welding forum and don't give away my trade secrets many times. I was misled by the "ask the plumbing experts" tab. I got my answer from a different forum and from my town building inspector. Carry other folks, these guys are just trying to maintain their living so don't get to short with em for not really wanting to help you deprive them of a living.


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      Re: New/reno complete pex install question.

      What is your question? You can save water by running 3/8" PEX to everything except: Showers, Tubs, and Hose Bibs. 1/2" will need to be run to those. 3/4" goes to the water heater.
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        Re: New/reno complete pex install question.

        Just a DIYer here, but I recently converted my whole house to PEX. It's a one story over a low crawl space (very little room to work in). I don't know if it's OK to mention them, but I ordered everything from For a manifold I used the 1/2", 14 Port Crimp MANABLOC (6 hot, 8 cold). I ordered 1/2" Aquapex for all the supply lines, some 3/4 to hook up the incoming and use Sharbites to connect to what little existing copper is left. I got a 1/2 in. and 3/4 in. Dual PEX Crimp Tool and crimp rings from HD. Job went well and so far no leaks.

        I have a Tankless hot water heater and one thing I found is that hot water arrives at the farthest fixture (kitchen sink much faster with 1/2" Pex as compared to old 3/4" copper line.

        Anyway, good luck with your project.