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  • Drain issue

    Started in another forum, there was a suggestion to post here.

    I have a drain in an upstairs laundry that I am replacing. It is a 2 inch line (part number D41-001) that the upper seal ring is not reusable. I bought another 2 inch line drain, same manufacturer, but the threads do not match up, or the old one is a little smaller than two inches. Anyone ever come across that before? Any ideas? The base seems to be cemeted on, so right now, I am looking at using the dremmel to remove old one from the inside, but there isn't much pipe before a turn to allow for much error, so I am hoping someone has an idea that would allow me to keep the old base. I have considered just filling the space with putty and sinking a new drain into that (like a donut), but I am not overly keen on the idea, either.

    Thanks in advance for any help you have.

    D41-001 15 2” PVC Shower Drain with SS Strainer & Receptor Base 717510410013

    I found the sticker on the side. But the replacement 2 inch one doesn't thread in, it is a little larger and the grooves are a little different. I looked for a metric equivelent, but no luck there.

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    Re: Drain issue

    Just keep on trying bro. But if it was not suited. Better to change your old base for you to solve your problem.
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