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Cutting Wheel for Schedule 40

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  • Cutting Wheel for Schedule 40

    Is there a cutting wheel I can use with the #20 Tubing Cutter to cut 1.5" PVC? The one furnished with it doesn't have enough depth to get through. The catalog doesn't list one, and I hate to think that I'd have to buy a different cutter for the small number of times I have to cut PVC. I'm just doing some repairs on my property and I'd rather use the #20 than a hacksaw. Thanks.

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    Re: Cutting Wheel for Schedule 40

    the #20 uses a f-158 with a .149'' blade depth. plastic cutting wheels are anywhere from .290''- .747'' on the larger cutters.

    you might try a e-1240 wheel that has a .162 exposure, but it's not a thin wheel for pvc. it's a heavy duty wheel for steel/ s.s.

    my suggestion is to purchase the inexpensive model pc-1250 scissor cutter that will cut to 1 5/8'' od. might be a little small, but should easily be able to open up a slight more to accommodate the 1.5'' pvc. the cost is not much more than a replacement tubing cutter wheel.

    PC-1250 Scissor-Style Cutter - RIDGID Professional Tools

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