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Stormwater 'rollovers'

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  • Stormwater 'rollovers'

    Hi, im a registed plumber in victoria.

    I have a job interview coming up, who have told me they do a lot of "stormwater rollovers".

    while i'm fairly experienced in most aspects of stormwater, i'm not familiar with this term.

    any help would be appreciated

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    Re: Stormwater 'rollovers'

    Sorry Hugh, Will have to wait for you to tell me.........................!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey Tony AFM, got any clues???????????????????????????/


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      Re: Stormwater 'rollovers'

      The only time I have heard that is if a car or truck is involved in a rollover accident and the storm drain system is pumped or vac'd to remove fuel or oil from it.
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        Re: Stormwater 'rollovers'

        Never heard of that term either. Maybe if you were to describe it or what its purpose might be?
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          Re: Stormwater 'rollovers'

          I have a feeling its just the particular plumber's own term for connecting onsite stormwater of a residence to the mains stormwater in the street.

          I think. Haha.


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            Re: Stormwater 'rollovers'

            Just learn from your experience bro. Maybe through your experience you can answer your question about those terminology.
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