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shower solution for my little daughter

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  • shower solution for my little daughter

    My daughter is ready to take shower by herself now. I need to make the shower ready for her. We have a regular shower and the shower head is too high for her. I am looking for a way to have the shower head lower enough for her. I searched online and went HD, Lowes and other stores. I couldn't find a good way.

    I don't want to drill a hole to install another permanent shower head holder. I don't want to install a post there to adjust the shower head height because it will require drilling holes.

    There are another two options may be good: glue or suction the head holder.

    1. Do you know is there any glue is good for this situation (water, tile and metal)?
    2. Do you think the suction head holder is strong enough?
    3. what's your solution for this? please tell me where (store or link) to buy if possible.


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    Re: shower solution for my little daughter

    there are brackets that hold a shower head that make it adjustable,

    the links are for example only, Adjustable Height Sliding Shower Head at

    Adjustable Height Sliding Shower Head - Allegro Medical Supplies

    adjustable shower head - Google Search

    never used one but I have seen them on display,

    I do have one like this on a shower and it may do what your want,
    Push sticks/blocks Save Fingers
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      Re: shower solution for my little daughter

      There should be a flexible extender head that will stay put wherever you adjust the flex line. The big box stores should have them. You unscrew the existing shower head and attach the flex/extension head to the nipple that protrudes from the wall. It is basically a shower head on a piece of flexible, vinyl coated metal hose that will stay at the position you adjust it to.


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        Re: shower solution for my little daughter

        our daughter phoebe, has been taking showers since she was 1. the trick is to install a hand held shower that they can relate too. for us, i found a mickey mouse fireman head and hose. they actually had it at the supply house and i originally bought it for my wife as she's into everything disney. so phoebe likes mickey too. it's mounted from a body spray at approx 3' up and has a diverter valve. originally it was mounted from the main head at 6'6'' with a diverter.

        the suction cup works great on the smooth tile. actually too good. i have to slide it to a grout line to remove it.

        the only issue will be that the hose assy, will not always stay in the same spot and therefore the head might move its spray pattern on startup.

        phoebe it is