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CO2 Pipe: Water in the line

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  • CO2 Pipe: Water in the line


    I have an issue where I'm getting water/ condensate in one of my 1/4" CO2 pipe-lines from my bulk tank to my incubator system. We've tried to blow dry the line but it only seems to last for a few days and then the issue recurrs. We are holiding pressure so we don't believe we have a break in the pipe but short of doing a chasedown on the pipeline we are scratching our heads. Anyone have any thoughts or solutions?

    Thank you.

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    Re: CO2 Pipe: Water in the line

    Try pulling a vacuum and use a micrometer. If there is a leak you will know for sure and faster than using pressure. Added bonus is it will dry out the system.

    Another solution is to get a tracer gas and a sniffer.

    Let us know your results!
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