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cutting undersized or oversized threads ??

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  • cutting undersized or oversized threads ??

    To what purpose,Please
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    Re: cutting undersized or oversized threads ??

    Under and you will not be able to get in your fitting. Over and you are asking for a leak (there is only so much you can put into a hub) but 2 over will not be a problem. I don't guess there is a reason for drunken threads anymore so.....I don't advise.
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      Re: cutting undersized or oversized threads ??

      2.5 threads hand tight is considered perfect.

      since we don't have control over the female fittings/ threads, we make it up in an adjustable thread depth.

      when threading, it's always a good idea to have a good new fitting next to the machine to gage your threads. also eventually when you start pre fabbing your pipe, you're going to be using the machine to make up the fittings on 1 end of the pipe using a 14'' ridgid wrench

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        Re: cutting undersized or oversized threads ??

        on a large job where you might go through hundreds of fittings in the same size/type you can sometimes see the difference in fittings. Say you get a couple boxes of older stock from a couple years ago and the balance of your fitting order is relatively new, there can be a slight difference in the fittings even from the same manufacturer as not every fitting will be from the exact same machine and if from different manufacturers, even though there is a standard they work to, you can see sometimes a 1/2 turn or so difference.
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