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Shower temperature varies extremely

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  • Shower temperature varies extremely

    The temperature of our shower quickly goes from very cold to extremely hot. I will get the water to the temperature I want before switching the shower head on and as soon as I switch to the shower head the temperature goes usually extremely hot so I adjust to make it colder, sometimes it will actually get hotter but it usually doesn't change much for a minute or so and then it will go very cold. When we run the water from the bath faucet the water temperature does not change so I'm pretty sure it's a problem with the shower head itself. We live in an apartment and our caretaker says there isn't anything they can do to fix the problem but I kinda think they're just being a bit lazy. I am fed up with being repeatedly frozen then scalded while I try to shower!

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    Re: Shower temperature varies extremely

    Tell the people you are living with to stop messing with water while you shower or it sounds like you can use a new faucet with pressure balance.
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      Re: Shower temperature varies extremely

      it could be as simple as the flow restrictor in the shower head, or a loose washer in the valve stem.

      the flow restrictor will limit the gallons per minute that comes out of the shower head. typically 2.5 gpm's. the excess water will back up into the valve and depending on the pressure of the hot and cold, one can overwhelm the other.

      of course the newer required anti scald valves would help to eliminate this. just had the same issue with a high end condo and 2 handle valve from the mid 80's. the problem was with the hand held shower they were using was too restrictive and causing the temperature flucation. i installed a grohe temperature balance valve and the issue was solved.

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        Re: Shower temperature varies extremely

        I used to experience this in an apartment complex I used to live in here in San Diego. I did not know anything about plumbing then. I complained about this to the management who instructed their maintenance buy to replace the cartridge. That did not fix the issue.

        I guess the guy was not exactly your Plumber Rick kind of guy. I did not live there long so I just put with it until I left. I must admit it was very annoying.


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          Re: Shower temperature varies extremely

          You just do not have enough water going through the shower head to make the temp adjustment respond instantly