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Pressure Reducing Valve Setting

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  • Pressure Reducing Valve Setting

    Good day gentlemen,
    I have replaced an old Pressure Reducing Valve in my house, but I do not know the best or recommended pressure to set it. What do you guys recommend as far as water pressure for a home. I have it set at about 52 psi, but I don't know if this is too high or not. I really just want to know what it should be. It was 90 psi before I changed it out.

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    Re: Pressure Reducing Valve Setting

    anything under 80# is fine as per code.

    the lower it is, the less wear on your fast closing valves such as washing machine, dishwashers, ballcocks, ice makers. plus the quieter the system is.

    so if you're fine with 52# great. remember that there will be pressure drop when fixtures are open. check your drop off pressure when the toilet is filling and see what it is. also you will lose .43# per foot of elevation if your reading was taken at ground level and you have a 2 story home, you'll drop another 4# or so up stairs.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Pressure Reducing Valve Setting

      Thanks Rick,
      I did not know what is best. I took the reading on an outside faucet with a gauge that I made from a pump type pressure gauge so I hope it is accurate enough. I have a one story house but I appreciate the information on pressure loss too. I will check it with a toilet filling tomorrow too. What kind of pressure drop should I see if things are OK. By the way I am OK with less pressure so I may turn it down some more but I did not know what it is usually set at for the average home.
      Thanks again, your input is always appreciated!


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        Re: Pressure Reducing Valve Setting

        Something to consider:

        Some appliances require a certain minimum pressure to function properly. For example, fridge ice makers usually require about 50psi in order to fill fully. Some dishwashers and washing machines (and now steam dryers) require a minimum pressure to push water through the system. Also, a water softener or filter needs more than 40 psi to perform the best backwash. Think about when you use the garden hose, the more pressure you have the easier it is to do whatever you need. Easier to wash, blast dirt or run the garden sprinkler. I personally wouldnt go below 60 psi or above 80.


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