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Cost to fix a commode

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  • Cost to fix a commode

    What would the following repair cost (in Norfolk VA.)?
    “SNAKED OUT HALL Bath toilet / replaced fill valve, supply tube, flipper / adjusted flush handle / Flushed tested well”
    This service was performed for my father-in-law a few days ago

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    Re: Cost to fix a commode

    I would guess that depends on if your Father in law likes you or not.


    sorry, I appoligize, I miss read the post, and thought you said the service was preformed by your Father in law, (not for you FIL), I am bad, sorry,
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      Re: Cost to fix a commode

      Way to much if either A1 came to the door. Used to work the Tidewater area. Love jet noise!
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        Re: Cost to fix a commode

        Loaded question.
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          Re: Cost to fix a commode

          a picture would be great to id the parts used. fill valves range in price from $6.00 - $300+ depending on the brand and model. but for the common everyday toilet, a fluidmaster will fit 75% or more of what i run into now. it's usually the older 1 pc. toilets that required a high dollar ballcock and handle.

          of course the old buyer beware always applies with service work. was this the first time he used that company for service? did they give an estimate in advance or an invoice when completed.

          pictures and a better parts break down would help narrow it down.

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            Re: Cost to fix a commode

            ...OK OK out with it, how much was spent?