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  • water hammer

    i noticed that im starting to get water hammer when my spriklers come on, have also noticed water pressure in the shower is less than it use to be. today when water hammer started it startesd when the back yard sprinklers came on. i noticed the cold water line on the water heater got real hot. there was very little water pressure on the sprinklers.
    Do i have a bad prv or is it a water heater problem?
    house is 12 years old.
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    Re: water hammer

    water hammer is very common with fast acting valves/ auto sprinklers.

    get a pressure gauge to measure the static pressure/ pressure with nothing running and then compare it with the running pressure. do this before and after the regulator.

    post your numbers and also a photo of your regulator set up.

    might need a regulator for the sprinkler valves.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: water hammer

      if you have a prv, you should also have an expansion tank. on the end of the tank there is a place to pump air into the tank. use a nail or phillips screw driver and push it in for a quick second. if you get air your good, if you get water, replace the tank. that tank acts like a cushion in the system as well as a place for thermal expansion.
      The other thing you could check is the brand of backflow preventer. It seems the wilkins models cause water hammer and are noisy.