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GMAX overfill problem

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  • GMAX overfill problem

    Hi! I have been searching for instructions on how prevent my gmax flushing system from overfilling. So far I have learned that I might have to: adjust the ballcock level, change something??, or clean some parts in the valve system.

    Any ideas? There was one thread which seemed helpful, but I couldn't figure out how to take apart the gmax to get at the ballcock. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I'm attaching a picture of the gmax since there are many different types. Thanks.
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    Re: GMAX overfill problem

    the white screw is your water level adjustment for the ballcock.

    if lifting the bottom portion of the ballcock float doesn't stop it from filling, then throw it out and install a fluidmaster pro 45 hr ballcock.

    the toto/ hunter ballcock is a piece of junk. they don't hold up to water with chloramines in it.

    phoebe it is