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  • Rock in sewer line

    I have a 4" sewer line. A plumber came and used SeeSnake to inspect. We saw a big concrete/stone (3.5" diameter) stuck in the pipe (15' from the toilet/floor). The mini-rooter/snake couldn't get through it at all.

    This is a new house. The sewer gets clogged 3 times in 2 years. We suspect the builder left it there during the construction. But, it probably rolled out recently, that's why it is so severe this time.

    I called the builder. They said they will fix it, but the only way is to cut post tension foundation. I heard that cutting post tension foundation/cable is really bad to the house. They told me, if using the pressure jetter, the water will come out of the pipe and will flood the house because of high psi.

    Is there any other way to remove the rock without cutting the foundation? Vacuum Truck?


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    Re: Rock in sewer line

    3 times in 2 years but it's 3.5" in 4" pipe? Suprised it doesn't happen more often. Don't cut the tension cables. Jet and push the rock downstream to the main. Easy to do with the right machine.
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      Re: Rock in sewer line

      i did one for another engineer in san diego a couple years back.

      there is a jetter / camera guy in san diego that can solve your problems. he goes by "waytay" on the forum.

      give him a call.

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        Re: Rock in sewer line

        Thanks for suggestion. What is the right machine? Could you provide me some details?


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          Re: Rock in sewer line

          Thanks Rick. It's good to know you did it once. The only thing I worry is, when using jetter to push the rock, is it possible the rock will break the pipe if its edge is too sharp?


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            Re: Rock in sewer line

            It would take more than a sharp edge to break the pipe whilejetting. enough psi, the stone should be turned into pea-gravel..... enough gpm, it will be the city's problem