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wet bond on leaky pvc

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  • wet bond on leaky pvc

    I am trying to repair a hot tub part using wet bond epoxy. It is supposed to adhere even to wet surfaces and create a seal. The part is the lid of my filter housing. It has 1.5" piping inlet and outlet. It is the outlet portion that has a crack. I applied the epoxy but due to the back pressure of the tub full of water it is still forcing water right through the epoxy. I have not pressurized the line. Will I have to drain my tub and remove the lid in order to make an effective repair or will the epoxy gradually seal the leak as it cures? I am working in temperatures close to freezing. Though I am able to hoard in the repair and provide some heat if needed. It seems that this product is not performing as advertised.

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    Re: wet bond on leaky pvc

    To be fair to the product what temperature does it say is it's range.
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      Re: wet bond on leaky pvc

      Epoxy doesn't fix everything....... especially things that are under pressure. Lots of things do not perform as advertised.


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        Re: wet bond on leaky pvc

        I followed the instructions as directed. The day I did the repair the temps were well within range of the product specs. What I mean regarding freezing temps is that we are now transitioning into weather that is starting to dip below freezing at night. What I am really wondering about is, the product is supposed to work underwater, and be able to repair drippy wet leaks, which is the case with this leak. The whole point of this repair is to do just that. If it wasn't going to work as advertised I would have just drained my tub, for the third time, taken the part off, done the repair and waited the appointed cure time to reinstall it.


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          Re: wet bond on leaky pvc

          Sometimes you did not get better result from Epoxy. In that case you have to take a best advice from expert.
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