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Model 65R-TC threader. Who knows?

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  • Model 65R-TC threader. Who knows?

    I am about to buy a "never been used" Ridgid 65R-TC that'll thread 1" to 2" pipe for $400 and it also comes with a 12R threader with a 3/4" die head.

    Are the 65R-TC threaders dinosours? I can't find information hardly at all about these- only the parts list and a short one-page instructional. I'd like to find an instructional video or a demonstration video. Can't find anything. I don't think Ridgid sells them anymore- difficult to find anything on their site. The internet is busting at the seams with information regardingthe Model 300.

    l looked on ebay to compare this deal- some people are selling them for an avg. price of $180- $250. But then again, I see some for $800 - $1200. Why is there that much difference? And what is the difference between the 65R-TC and the 65R-C?

    I need some opinions on the 65R-TC from anyone who has used one, or knows anything about them.

    Have people in the trade decided that it wasn't worth lugging this 27 pound threader around when they could do the same job with a 12R; they are both manual threaders. Maybe the 65R-TC turned out to be a dud- kept breaking down or something and was replaced with something better from Ridgid, like the Model 700 Pony. I really don't know, because I never heard of a 65R or 65R-TC until now.

    Did Ridgid produce something better and knock the 65R-TC out of demand?

    Someone out there knows. Answer my plea- I need to get back to the seller in two days. Thanks everyone for reading. I am really looking forward to some replies.

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    Re: Model 65R-TC threader. Who knows?

    first I know nothing about the 65R threader, besides seeing a picture of it, but I do have a 12R and 111R threaders and find them good threaders, and have had no problems (besides some dulled dies), they can be used with the 700 power unit, or Minicollins power threader, (note the 111R is apparently not being made any more) but there is still a lot of Ebay but IF I was going to get one I would just go the 12R or 11R I would go for the 12R if I needed to replace the threader for my needs,
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      Re: Model 65R-TC threader. Who knows?

      The 65R is a great threader. It threads four sizes using the same threader. Because it is a manual receding, it gives you a mechanical advantage. Thus, making it easier to thread larger pipe versus the 12R. If you had done a lot of hand threading, you would think that it was the greatest thing. It is easy to use. Simply select the size, unscrew it until the marks align, place it on the pipe and thread away. It will literally pull itself through the thread.

      That said, if you are going to use the 700, then you don't need it.
      I suggest you pass.


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        Re: Model 65R-TC threader. Who knows?

        i have the older version but can't think of the model # right now.

        i only use it to clean up existing threads. not to make new threads. that's for my 12r/ 700 or 300 machines.

        honestly threading 2'' by hand will either turn them into popeye or looking for another more modern company.

        maybe 1 with the new mega press machines. it's propress for steel pipe

        phoebe it is