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campbell yard hydrant

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  • campbell yard hydrant

    my buddy emailed me this photo parts break down, yesterday and is asking for help. his riser 9' is buried 5' below and 4 ' above grade.

    his complaint is lack of water volume. any ideas what to look for.

    he is very handy and has not taken it apart yet.


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    phoebe it is

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    Re: campbell yard hydrant

    How about the obvious, partially closed shut-off valve somewhere back towards the water source? No, that's to simple. Partially crushed tubing underground?
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      Re: campbell yard hydrant

      How about raising the handle a little bit and loosening the hp-9 bolt then pushing the handle down slightly and reset the bolt
      It will let the plunger come up more if it drips its too much


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        Re: campbell yard hydrant

        what all the others said. but also - pull the entire linkage out, see if the plunger part came loose. similar to a faucet washer being disconnected - only a little water comes out, but it still shuts off. in this case, no leak would be seen as the small leak has little volume and would flow out the weep hole.

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          Re: campbell yard hydrant

          if one unscrews the head off the stand pipe the entire unit should pull up out and one can inspect the bottom end, and one can replace all the parts if needed with out diggin it up,

          (I have not seen the set screw type, mine have a nut on top and bottom of the HP4 cross rod, to make the adjustments it needs to go down far enough to seal the flow off, but raise enough to let it flow around the bottom end there and when it is up it seals off the drain hole, when pushed down it shuts off the water flow in and opens up the drain, If it raises to far it can shut off the flow at the top of the water passages around the valve, on some of the units,
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