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Sump pump doesn't stay on long enough?

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  • Sump pump doesn't stay on long enough?

    Ok, it's killing me, the slam of the sump pump every 1-5 minutes. I can't sleep. It's at my girlfriend's house.

    Here's the deal, there is a check-valve, the water travels up a rigid pvc pipe, turns 90 degrees runs out rigid pipe to soft pipe outside which drains into brook.

    The pit fills with water, the float rises, then it drains a small amount of water quickly. The float switch deactivates before the float drops to the top rubber stopper, so it barely evacuates the water from the pit. There's no significant back-flow, I think a significant problem is that the pump shuts off almost as soon as it is activated so it never really gets a chance to empty much of the water.

    The problem seems chiefly mechanical? In that, the rod itself drives down the plastic actuator switch instead of the rubber stopper bringing down the switch. Is it pumping too much water causing the float to drop too quickly?

    Any ideas?

    The slam keeps me up at night, which I'm thinking of getting a quiet check valve for but what makes it worse is how often it slams... I've visualized the problem I think, it's not back-flow which is what forums and suggestions seem to focus on.

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    Re: Sump pump doesn't stay on long enough?

    it sounds like you have an adjustable float rod that is binding on the switch arm.

    post a photo of the assembly and it might be a simple adjustment or cleaning.

    most all the pumps i work on/ install have a fixed on and off float setting. there is no adjustment. the depth of the pit plays no bearing on the pump cycle. it's the width / diameter of the pit that determines the volume it pumps during a cycle.

    what is the size of your pit. width/ diameter and the depth. if you have a float rod there is an on and an off adjustable stop.

    post photos and you might get a good night sleep, unless the gf keeps you up

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Sump pump doesn't stay on long enough?

      18" dia. is nice.
      I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .