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wet vent for a toilet

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  • wet vent for a toilet

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    I am adding an ensuite bathroom to the first floor of my bungalow(see floor plan & visio-ensuite.pdf(blue lines are the vents) for pipe diagram). The main stack is 15' away. To avoid loss of headroom in the basement, I want to run a 3" line next to the existing duct work (which is below the joists) to the main stack, and then run the required waste lines between the joists.

    After reading the forums I'm still not clear how to vent a WC under this scenario because the 3" line to the WC never goes underneath a wall. Most of what I have read indicates a vent must be vertical(although I'm having a hard time believing how this could be possible in basement(under concrete) scenarios). The only thing I can think of is to 'roll' a 3"x2" wye on its back up 45 deg from the horizontal and tie into the drain of the 2 sinks. Is this legal? Can someone describe the fittings to use for 'C' and 'D' in the attached pdf.

    A second question: my 3" to the main stack is below the joists(running perpendicular to the joists) along the main house beam. What is the ideal connection to connect this to:
    1. the perpendicular running 3" in the joists. 'B' in the attached pdf
    2. the perpendicular running 2" (to the shower) in the joists 'A' in the attached pdf

    as both are essentially one pipe diameter higher than the 3" to the main stack

    I see a myriad of possibilities:
    i) run a wye on its back with a 45 on top, then run a 90 on top turned towards the joists
    ii) run a wye on its side then two 45's(cant run a 90 from vert to horiz here) turned up then run a 90 on top turned towards the joists
    iii) run some sort of rolled wye at 45 deg turned up from its back then run 2 45s to point toward the the joists

    ii) is the least desirable because it takes the most horizontal room and forces my bulkhead in my basement to be wider

    Are all 3 legal? It seems from a 'clean perspective' ii) is best because the poop would not go up hill in the other section of the wye, but i) would have the possibility the poop would fall directly down in the wye and sit there, until my shower comes along and cleans it.

    I think what I am doing is the same as the attached 'wet vent example' but I cant tell from the example if the 3" wye from the WC to the 2" is laying on its side or its back. (although I am proposing using a 3x2" wye instead of a 3x3 wye and then a 3x2 reducer as shown in the example)

    Is my attached diagram(visio-ensuite.pdf) with my wet vent scenario correct?

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    Re: wet vent for a toilet

    Wow, that's a lot of info to unscramble. I'm thinking your questions might go unanswered.
    Are you interested in doing this work yourself?
    If so I would call some plumbers, tell them you want to do the work yourself, but need someone to come look at what you have and consult. Find an hourly plumber,or at least one who that is an option. And pay him to consult. I would but you are to far.
    If you take this route be patient, you will find one. Good luck.


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      Re: wet vent for a toilet

      after pondering lots I'm pretty sure the wet vent way I proposed is the only way, so I'm feeling more comfortable on that one. But I'm hoping someone has the typical practice for going from under the joists to perpendicular in the joists(with multiple takeoffs). I'm thinking this must be quite common?

      I spent one week trying to get tapers to come over to do a $1000 job(the 4th one finally showed up), I'm thinking asking a plumber to come over for an hour might be a lost cause or there'd be some huge minimum...

      ...or my next plan is to go view some houses under construction

      attached is a better picture
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        Re: wet vent for a toilet

        Click image for larger version

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          Re: wet vent for a toilet

          There are some who would have a huge min, some won't, again be patient. I would take these requests on in a heart beat with a motive to make you happy. And get paid fairly of course. Then I would most likely have a customer for life and a referral also. It can take time to find a plumber you like. Took me 50 years to find a wife.


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            Re: wet vent for a toilet

            better question is: was it 50 years to find a wife you like?!


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              Re: wet vent for a toilet

              Originally posted by jasonn View Post
              better question is: was it 50 years to find a wife you like?!
              Haha, I hope that was implied but then again it could mean all sorts of scenarios. Yeah I got a good one. Thanks